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Cancellation Scheme

Your reservation is a legal contract, which requires you to pay the total cost for the reserved accommodationregardless of the reason for making a cancellation.

Unforeseen circumstances, such as a death in the family, illness or redundancy are some of the reasons for cancelling a holiday. This can cause, not only considerable distress, but also financial problems.

To offset this often-considerable legal obligation we have instituted a simple and competitively priced cancellation scheme.

We will refund any charges already paid (excluding premiums) and waive any balances which may be due should the holiday be cancelled 28 days before the commencement date. Should the cancellation be made between 28 days and 14 days before the commencement date only 50% of the total cost (excluding premium) will be refunded.

However should the holiday be cancelled before the commencement date for any of the following reasons then a full refund will be made of all charges already paid (excluding premiums) and any balances which may be due will be waived.

1. Bodily injury to or illness or quarantine or death of the hirer or of any person with whom the hirer has arranged to travel or stay.

2. Bodily injury to or serious illness or death of any relative, fiancé (e) or close business associate of the hirer or of any person with whom the hirer has arranged to travel.

3. (a) The hirer’s home becoming uninhabitable following, fire, storm or flood.
(b) The hirer’s presence being required by police following a burglary at the hirer’s home or place of business.

4. The hirer or spouse of the hirer becoming unemployed after making the reservation.

5. The hirer or any person with whom the hirer has arranged to travel being summoned for jury service or called as a witness during the period of the holiday.

£100 to £199      £16.00
£200 to £299      £20.00
£300 to £399      £25.00
£400 to £499      £30.00
£500 to £599      £35.00
£600 to £699      £40.00
£700 to £799      £45.00
£800 to £999      £50.00

All claims are excluded from the above scheme if at the time of making a reservation:

1. The hirer is aware of any medical condition or set of circumstances, which could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim.

2. The person whose condition gives rise to a claim is at the time of making the booking:
(a) receiving or is on a waiting list for in-patient treatment in a hospital or nursing home, or
(b) is expecting to give birth before or within two months of the date of arrival home, or
(c) is travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner, or
(d) has been given a terminal prognosis.

3. No refunds can be made once the holiday has commenced or for a proportion of the party being unable to take up the holiday irrespective of the number of properties the hirer has booked.

4. Failure to notify us immediately by telephone of circumstances, which may lead to the cancellation of a booking, will invalidate any claim. The telephone call must be confirmed in writing within seven days.