Covid-19 Statement

Ever since Mark Drakeford – the first Minister for Wales – announced that we may be able to start welcoming visitors again as from 13th July, we have been working hard to implement everything we need to do to make Rocksdrift & Seaview apartments Covid secure.  Below you will find all the additional measures we are putting in place to make your stay in your holiday accommodation as secure as it can be.

We have completed a risk assessment as per the guidelines set out by The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC).  These guidelines have been put together by a number of industry bodies and are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Arrival and Departure

We have always carried out contactless “check-in” and “check-out”.  All of the relevant access information will be sent to you in advance and you will be able to access your accommodation without direct contact with us.  If you need anything during your stay we are just a phone call away.  

We will  provide simple instruction for you to follow when you depart to help the cleaning team to prepare the property for the next guests.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

In addition to using a steam cleaner we have ensured that we are using a virucidal disinfectant which is approved to EN14476.  Some of this will be left in the apartment for your use.  All crockery, glassware and pans will be put through the dishwasher at the highest temperature before your arrival.

Once the apartment has been cleaned and inspected a copy of the completed and signed checklist will be emailed to you.

Laundry & Bedding

We have purchased additional mattress covers and pillow protectors to enable us to change and launder these item with each change of bedding.  We are removing the extra bedding packs ie extra pillow and blankets, from the apartment.  If you find you do need extra bedding during your stay please just let us know and we will get a freshly laundered pack for you.  

Should you prefer to bring your own pillows and/or quilts please let us know and we will remove these items from the apartment before your arrival.

On your day of departure we would very much appreciate it If you are able to remove the sheets etc from the beds before you leave the apartment.

Information & Welcome Booklet

These are being removed from the apartments and being made available on our website.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone should you need any information to help you to make the most of your stay in Broad Haven.

Social Distancing & Government Regulations

Please be aware that the rules and regulations around Corona Virus differ between each of the Uk’s home nations.  Please remind yourself of the specific regulations that apply in Wales before you travel and adhere to all the rules put in place in the shops and cafes in the village while you are here.

Grocery Packs

In addition to the usual items you find in your Welcome Grocery Pack there will also be a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Your Health

You should not travel if you, or any member of your party, are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or are self-isolating because of being in contact with somebody who was displaying symptoms of, or has tested positive for, COVID-19.

If you test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay you must inform us immediately.  If you are well enough to travel you should return home and self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance.