As it was a sunny spring Pembrokeshire day, I decided to take my son and his friends to folly farm. Now that I am a mother I have a lovely excuse to go as much as I can, and say it’s for Grayson! The drive there is lovely as you see all different parts of Pembrokeshire. You go across Broad Haven sea front,

through the back roads, through Haverfordwest and onto the A40 then onto some beautiful country roads- it’s a really easy drive also as everything is clearly sign posted. There isn’t anything better than a good drive while the weather is lovely- window down, radio up!

Folly farm wasn’t very busy today as the holidays were over, so we got to make the most of the place and that meant letting the kids run free to explore the exhibits and meet the animals. That also meant we got some good exercise in running after them!

Grayson absolutely loves animals and anything to do with them, so the Jolly barn was especially his favourite. Folly farm have a timetable to meet the animals from holding a cockroach (if you’re into that, me? Not so much), to milking a goat and playing with miniature pigs!!  Grayson even managed to become friends with one friendly goat, which we named Cece the seaside goat- don’t ask! But I think we liked playing in the tractor the best! 😉

I even managed to attract the giraffe’s attention and gave two of them a scratch behind their ears! How cool is that?! How many people can say that they stroked a giraffe’s ear while on holiday in Pembrokeshire?

We even got to see the lions have their lunch and the penguins loved chasing the kiddie’s fingers across the tank.

At the end of our day out, we have freshly made doughnuts dipped in melted chocolate! What a way to end the day!

Grayson and his friends were going to go back to Broad Haven to have a run on the beach but Folly farm really did take it out of them, and he slept the whole car ride home, so I got to sing to Ed Sheeran by myself. So seeing as we didn’t go to the beach today, we will save that blog for another sunny spring day! If you decide to treat the family while on holiday in Broad haven, by going to Folly farm we would absolutely love to see some photos and what animals were your favourite!

Whitney & Grayson (1 years old) x