5 Reasons to take the kids on a seaside holiday

Grayson the grandson looking across Broad Haven beach
Viewing his playground

Holidays are fun and a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and grandchildren (if you happen to be a grandpa or a granny), but why particularly spend it at the beach.  Any holiday with children should be a source of family fun, but the most enjoyable family holidays can be on a beach or at the seaside. Here are 5 great reasons to book a seaside holiday.

1. An opportunity for unrivalled adventure and exploration

Who can forget those wonderful stories about the Famous Five exploring the coastline whilst on holiday at the seaside?  Clambering over rocks and investigating pools, pretending to be pirates or mermaids gives endless fun for the creative imagination.  For the older child the water sports industry offers safe and exciting entertainment – and for adults too.  A family holiday at the beach is an ideal chance for you to introduce your kids to adventure sports like snorkelling, coasteering, sailing and surfing etc.

2. De-stressing

Seaside and beaches can be the most serene environment on the planet. The marvel of the changing blues and greens of the water is a treat for the eyes. Warm sunshine provides a perfect opportunity for adults to bask under the sun whilst the kids run around in a relatively safe environment, tiring themselves out. The exercise everybody gets while playing beach cricket, football or rounders also helps banish those work day worries. A splash about in the waves after is also a source of great entertainment for the kids.

Grandfather and grandson enjoying the setting sun on the slipway
Grampi and Grayson watching the sunset

3. Developing an awareness of the environment and a connection with nature

We all want our children to be more humane and nature loving people. There is no better way to introduce and develop this than showing them nature at its best, in a seaside environment. A first hand experience of spending a family seaside holiday brings them in close contact with water, sunshine and the breeze. They feel them and it unknowingly seeps into their personality. The different setting for an urban child, who is more accustomed to the built-up environment, can be striking. What can be better than exploring a rock pool and watching a crab as it scuttles away.  It can only give them an even better chance to be a nature loving and positive minded human being in the years to come.

a very clear rockpool showing anemones, limpets and seaweed

4. An introduction to a different culture and diversity

A typical beach holiday village or resort has a much more laid-back culture than many children are used to. It is usually a far cry from a typical urban setting. This gives an introduction to a wholly new way of living for your kids. Adding such diversity to your kid’s personality is a long-term investment that you must never forego.

5. The Benefits of Tired Children

A day running around on the beach in the fresh air will usually tire out even the most hyperactive child.  This is a blessing for the grownups who, after getting the children settled to bed, can then just sit and enjoy the view with a glass of something cold.

A bottle of wine on the wall whie the sun sets
Enjoying the sunset

If the weather is good there is so much to do from swimming to sandcastle building, rock pooling to splashing about in the waves.  Cooler days mean coats and wellies but don’t forget the endless fun that can be had with a kite.

No kids’ stories and memories are ever complete without that of a family holiday at the beach or seaside. If the high five of a beach holiday has reminded you of happy times spent at the beach then go ahead and plan some quality time with the kids in your life.