Investing in Sustainable Coastal Tourism

How Rocksdrift & Seaview Apartments are investing in sustainable seaside tourism in Pembrokeshire West Wales

A view from one of Apartment 2's windows showing the garden and solar panels on the roof of apartments 3, 4, and 5.   The beach is also in the background

Nestled in the idyllic coastal village of Broad Haven, Wales, Rocksdrift and Seaview holiday lets offer more than just stunning sea views and seafront access. These holiday accommodations have embraced an environmental ethos, integrating solar panels, electric vehicle (EV) charging points, and comprehensive recycling programs. Their commitment to sustainability makes them a serious contender for eco-conscious travelers who wish to enjoy the beauty of the Welsh coast without compromising on environmental values.

Solar Panels: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Rocksdrift and Seaview holiday lets have made significant investments in solar energy. Solar panels installed on their rooftops capture the abundant sunshine that often bathes Broad Haven, converting it into electricity. This renewable energy source not only powers the accommodation but also reduces their carbon footprint significantly. By using solar energy, these holiday lets contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

EV Charging Points: Supporting Green Transportation

EV charging point at Rocksdrift & Seaview Apartments

In line with the global shift towards sustainable transportation, Rocksdrift and Seaview have equipped their properties with electric vehicle (EV) charging points. These charging stations provide a convenient and reliable option for guests who drive electric cars, ensuring that their commitment to eco-friendly travel continues throughout their stay.

By offering EV charging points, these holiday lets support the broader adoption of electric vehicles, helping to reduce air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. This initiative aligns perfectly with the properties’ overall environmental mission and makes them a preferred choice for eco-conscious travellers.

Comprehensive Recycling Programs: Reducing Waste

Rocksdrift and Seaview holiday lets also excel in waste management through their comprehensive recycling programs. Clear instructions and separate bins for different types of recyclables—such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal—ensure that waste is properly sorted and recycled. These efforts significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, minimizing the environmental impact. This was introduced well before the Welsh Government changed to law to make businesses sort their recycling.

In addition to recycling, these holiday lets have embraced the Plastic Free Coastline initiative. By reducing single-use plastics and encouraging guests to use reusable alternatives, they contribute to the protection of the coastal environment. This commitment not only helps preserve the natural beauty of Broad Haven’s beaches but also supports broader efforts to combat plastic pollution in our oceans.

Seafront Serenity: Eco-Friendly Luxury

Living Room of Apartment 5 at Rocksdrift & Seaview Apartments

Both Rocksdrift and Seaview boast stunning seafront locations, offering guests breath taking coastal views and easy access to Broad Haven’s pristine beaches. The integration of eco-friendly practices with excellent accommodation allows guests to enjoy the best of both worlds: the serene beauty of the Welsh coast and the satisfaction of staying in environmentally responsible properties.

The sea views from these holiday lets provide a constant reminder of the natural beauty at stake and the importance of sustainable practices. By choosing to stay at Rocksdrift or Seaview, guests can indulge in the tranquility of coastal living while knowing their accommodation actively contributes to environmental conservation.


A view of Broad Haven bay taken from the cliff path towards Little Haven.

Rocksdrift and Seaview holiday lets in Broad Haven are excellent examples of how sustainable tourism can be achieved without sacrificing comfort. With their commitment to renewable energy through solar panels, support for green transportation with EV charging points, and robust recycling programs, these properties offer an eco-friendly haven for travelers. Their seafront locations and dedication to a plastic-free coastline further enhance their environmental credentials, making them a top choice for those looking to enjoy the Welsh coast responsibly. By staying at Rocksdrift or Seaview, guests can take in the stunning sea views and coastal charm while playing a part in protecting and preserving this beautiful environment for future generations.