Meet The Team

Ever wondered about all the different people needed to make sure your seaside holiday apartment on the seafront in Broad Haven is ready and waiting for you?

Believe it or not it takes a range of skills to make sure that your self catering holiday accommodation is in tip top condition and ready and waiting for you at the start of your holiday.

A cleaner carries bedding and towels on the stairlift in apartment 2
Taking the easy way in apartment 2

Yes, there are cleaners and a housekeeping team.  From sorting laundry to scrubbing ovens a cleaner’s work is never done.  We currently have a team of three who make sure that your apartment is spotless before your arrival.  Hardworking, but never afraid to have a bit of fun.

Man lying down repairing pipe in cupboard, whilst grandson holds the torch
The man who can and his assistant

Don’t forget maintenance!
We have a “man who can” keeping an eye out for drippy taps and light bulbs that need changing.  Has been know to plumb in the odd washing machine too.  Stuart is a recent addition to the team, joining us after retiring from the North Sea in May 2018.  He can usually be seen on a Friday carrying laundry bags around under the direction of Chloe and Kayleigh the cleaners, while dreaming of when he can launch the boat to go mackerel fishing in St Brides Bay. In this picture, the grandson Grayson – another important team member – is helping Grampi by holding the torch.

But how about the admin staff who make sure you have had your receipt and the right number of towels are waiting for you. You may have spoken to Claire in the office when paying your balance or booking another week to stay in the havens. 

Claire from team Rocksdrift, entering data on the computer in the office
Claire making sure the guests have enough towels

A staunch rugby fan and not afraid to show it. 
Originally from Cardiff she now lives near Broad Haven too and is responsible for taking many of the fabulous pictures you can see on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Oh – and who fixes the WiFi that we need in the office and helps you keep in touch with the family back home?  Well that is the IT department – also known as number one son Nathan (Grayson’s daddy).  Despite what he thinks he is only number one because he was the first to arrive of course!!!  Number two son – second to arrive and also known as Jason – is six foot four and plays second row on a rugby pitch.  He is our go to man when furniture needs moving!!

Of course there are the most important team members by far who keep an eagle eye on us all and they are Grayson – the grandson – and Tilly and Flo – the granddogs. 

2 Labradors lying on a patio enjoying the sunshine
Working hard

Grayson, who has now been joined by sister Evie and cousin Ioan, checks out various attractions around the county for us so that we know whether or not to recommend them to you.  The dogs, well they just keep us absolutely on the money when we call ourselves dog friendly, seaside accommodation.

Me – well, we will leave that for another time eh?

But finally – we mustn’t forget all the other people whose skills are essential but don’t actually work for #teamrocksdrift.  They include the plumber, website designer, decorator, gardener and window cleaner.  Even our accountant lives in the village  #keepingitlocal