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Complimentary grocery pack – what is it and how did it come about?

Why we did it? “Many years ago” ie back in the 70’s, when my parents first started letting self-catering holiday […]

Why is it Important to keep the knives sharp?

It is not just about making sure that it is possible to slice those tomatoes.  Although, that is extremely useful.  […]

Winter Break

Let me give you 5 good reasons why a winter break in Pembrokeshire is a good idea. You know what […]

5 Reasons Why Pembrokeshire should be the first choice for a beach holiday

Most of Pembrokeshire’s over 100 beaches are found in Britain’s only predominantly coastal national park. These beaches are looked after […]

Do you like a variety of views when you are out walking?

Over the years the other half and I have walked in various landscapes around the world – Bavarian mountains, vineyards […]

Lock down in Broad Haven

You may or may not know that we also run the shop on the seafront in the village of Broad […]

What to get that special someone in your life

Struggling to think of something to get the special someone in your life for Christmas or Valentine?It has suddenly occurred to […]

5 Reasons to take the kids on a seaside holiday

Holidays are fun and a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and grandchildren (if you happen […]

Meet The Team

Ever wondered about all the different people needed to make sure your seaside holiday apartment on the seafront in Broad […]

Apartment winter updates

Do you ever wonder what we do all winter? Sit back and enjoy the time off and enjoy for ourselves […]