Why is it Important to keep the knives sharp?

It is not just about making sure that it is possible to slice those tomatoes.  Although, that is extremely useful.  We have lost count of the times when we have been on a self catering holiday and struggle to make a cheese and tomato sandwich.

Attention to detail is important.  Quite honestly though, if the knives in the kitchen drawer aren’t sharp then what else has been missed.  Fluff in the wardrobe or crumbs behind the kitchen door?

We advertise ourselves as being “owners who care”.  Looking after the details show that we mean it and we have lists of things that we check on every changeover or through the winter maintenance and spring cleaning program.

You know what they say:- “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”.  Well, we will keep looking after the details so that you can concentrate on having a great holiday.

Let’s face it – you can’t sit and enjoy that wonderful view if you have to worry about that sandwich disintegrating all over your lap!!

View of Broad Haven beach and St. Brides bay from apartment 2, Rocksdrift House
Broad Haven beach from Apartment 2